Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA)

Thank for you for your interest in our CSA Program!

Our 2022 Registration forms are available at the link below. Registration closes March 31, 20202. 

CSA Registration Form


​​Welcome to Jillybean’s Farmstand. Thank you for your interest in our CSA Program. We get lots of questions as to what CSA stands for, to answer your question CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In joining our CSA program you will be supporting your local farmer in their growing season, at Jillybeans Farmstand in Farmington, CT. This farm has been family owned and operated through the years and has always farmed in Farmington. We have land along the Farmington Flats, next to the West Woods Golf Course and a plot in Bristol, as well as the land right next to the Farmstand. In addition to growing all of our own strawberries, vegetables, famous sweet corn, tomatoes, pumpkins and more. We get local peaches, plums, apples, pears and more from local orchards come fall.

2022 CSA Program “The Bean Crew” . . . We will continue with our Bean Crew for the 2022 season as we have seen an incline in covid cases and the new variants that have been happening. We will continue to follow all safety protocols in place for your safety and ours. .

This CSA Program entails you as the “Member” to purchase a share of Jillybeans Farmstand season as a whole. When you purchase a mini, small, medium, or large share you will have a Jillybeans Card with the amount you’ve chosen on it. You will have the flexibility to use your share however you wish. You can choose to buy flowers, produce, fruit, condiments, ice cream, bakery products, or whatever else you may need. Your card becomes available Good Friday (April 15th)  and can be used right up until we close for the season on Christmas Eve. 

We will be able to save your Bean Crew Card to our system as well, so if you forget your card you can just give us your name and we will look it up and you can still purchase your items!! 

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for community supported agriculture. The purpose of CSA programs is to help support the farmer in the beginning of the year purchase; seeds, fertilizer, make necessary repairs to equipment, and so on to help make the season happen. It is similar to the idea of  buying your ski season pass in July for the coming season, whether or not it snows. In a CSA program you as a “Member” purchase a share of Jillybeans Farmstand’s harvest of the coming season prior to the growing season, and then visit the stand when it is convenient for you as often as you wish from Good Friday (April 15, 2022) until we close on December 24th and purchase as much or as little as you need! This includes ANYTHING we sell at the stand, flowers, jam, dairy products, pies, meats, produce, strawberries and so much more.  ​

Why are CSAs Important? What are the risks of farming?

Upon becoming a “Member” at Jillybeans we all take on the risks of farming. Not only are there the risks of farming in this lovely New England area but there are many rewards too! Some risks we take on are the unpredictability of the weather, possible natural disasters to our crops, and just the chance the crops may not take and don’t grow. Those are only some basic ones us as farmers deal with.

The benefits are much more rewarding than the risks. Upon harvesting, the crop yield depends on the season but we have multiple plantings of each crop to ensure we are able to pick the ones that flourish through the whole season and have them readily available on our stand. 
This is where a CSA Program is vital to farms. The early funds they receive is vital is helping purchase seeds, fertilizer, properly fix all of their equipment and jumpstart their season with any unforeseen bills that may come about. 

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to create a safe and fun way to have a  CSA program last year in 2021. The pilot program we call “The Bean Crew” took off and has a huge following. We have decided this is the best way for all to continue providing a CSA program into 2022. This will help us help you be able to come to the stand and really only get produce and groceries you may need or even some veggie plants to grow your own veggies! All and all, we just want to make sure we can accomodate all of our CSA members and they are as happy as possible! This is why we have forgone our Classic CSA option of coming once a week and picking up a box full of produce.

What are some of our farming practices?

We believe GMO Free seeds are the only way to go. If a plant is to get a disease or not grow then that’s the way it is meant to be. We do use manure and some fertilizer when absolutely necessary. Proper hand hygiene, produce washing, stand cleaning and COVID-19 safety practices are to be followed at all times. Masks are to be worn at all times when shopping or working with products at jillybeans for everyone's safety.